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All of the cats featured are spayed/neutered, up to date on their shots, and microchipped


This little beauty, with the white flecking in her black fur, came to us in September 2023.  She was about a year and a half when she arrived.  She has been fully vetted, and is looking for her furever home.  


Azizi came to us in September 2023, at the age of four years old.  Her owner had to move suddenly, and sadly, couldn't take her two cats.  Azizi's friend has already been adopted.  Azizi is a little shy at first, but is a very sweet girl.


This 6 year old plus-size beauty is your girl next door. She is gentle, affectionate and will chat with nearly anyone! Rachel is looking for a new best friend to gossip and snack with, is it you?




Dana is the mother of the Ghostbuster group that was abandoned on our doorstep in October of 2023.  She is very sweet, fully vetted, and is looking for someone to adopt her.

This sweetheart was previously adopted by a women's recovery home.  She was loved by all who resided there.  But, the shelter has had to do a temporary closure, so Yvonne had to be returned to the shelter.   She has been back in our care since October of 2023.  She is about 5 years old.

You may notice Cano rolls his R's when he asks for a treat, and that is because his 1st language is Spanish! Cano was surrendered to us by his loving family after they were no longer able to care for him. This señior is a senior kitty, and is looking for a loving home to spend his golden years in.  Is it yours? 

Special Needs Cats 

All of the cats featured have special needs, and will only be adopted
out to homes that can meet their unique medical needs and where
they will be the only cat in the home

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Untitled design (1).png

You can read about FIV+ cat care here

You can read about caring for cats with Feline Leukemia here


This fluffy feline also happens to be FIV+. That doesn't stop her from wanting ALL of the love and attention.  She also has a heart issue that is easily managed by sprinkling salt with potassium on her wet food. Talk to one of our staff members if you would like more information on Lulu's health issues.


Just listen to that purr! Lovebug Cole is about 1 year old.  He was found on the streets, and when his rescuers found out that he has both Feline Leukemia AND is FIV+ they searched out a no-kill shelter and asked us if we would care for him.  How could we say no? If you would like to learn more about Cole, please reach out to one of our staff members!


You cannot miss our Miss Shelly-Belly! As the most outgoing and affectionate cat out of our Leukemia bunch, she will make sure she gets your attention.  Shelly is about 9 years old, and has been with us since a vets office out of Chicago called us in 2015 and asked us to take her in.  Shelly has been loving on us since then.  If you need some of her loving in your life, contact one of our team members to get more information about her care! 

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